October 16th 2021

Inside Ron Brierley’s ‘radical’ fall from grace

Ron Brierley – ugly

September 13th 2021

Parents confront man who sexually groomed teenaged daughter

Parents confront groomer

November 19th 2021

Christchurch man caught with thousands of child exploitation images after tip-off to European hotline

Tip-off leads to 1000s of child sex images

September 22nd 2021

Adoptive dad drilled hole in bedroom wall to spy on daughter

Stepdad violates daughter

November 30th 2021

Police believe there are more victims of man sentenced to eight years’ jail for historical sex crimes

More victims?

November 23rd 2021

Investigation uncovers historical abuse of students at St Peter’s School, Cambridge

Investigation uncovers historical abuse

December 8th 2021

Sexual violence support organisation says funding to work with children limited

Limited funding for children

November 8th 2021

Jail time extended for pair found with large collection of child sex abuse material

jail time extended

December 10th 2021

Home detention for Church pastor guilty of ‘gross breach of trust’ indecent assaults

home detention for church pastor

December 06th 2021

Dilworth School: Scouts not told of complaints about former chaplain for 13 years

Scouts not told of complaints

November 15th 2021

Chief Executive pleads guilty to child abuse charges, including rape of a young girl

Chief Exec Pleads Guilty

December 13th 2021

Man who abducted and murdered schoolgirl almost 35 years ago, apologises.

Abducter and murderer apologises