Safe to 16: A course to protect children against sexual offenders

It is conservatively estimated that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys will lose their innocence – without their consent – before they turn 18. 

At some point in their lives they will ask why their parents didn’t warn them about the dangers.

Happy father and mother with their young child, outdoors. Learn how to protect your children
from sexual offenders
Build a wall of protection
for your tamariki
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The Problem

Children have no idea of what sexual behaviour looks like – they can either be trained appropriately, or exposed to being groomed.

Child sex offenders groom children to become participants so they can act out their sordid sexual fantasies.

At that moment in time, the child’s innocence is stolen – forever. They are manipulated, intimidated, or dominated into silence.

The Background

Child sex offending has been occurring for generations.

Child sex offenders have multiplied because of non-disclosure by children. Offenders believe that they can get away with the criminal offending.

Human rights lawyer Sonja Cooper says that it takes on average 22 years for victims of sexual abuse to come forward.

Help Auckland believe that:

For every 100 offences, only 10 are reported to police.

Only 3 of the reported cases will get to a prosecution.

Only 1 of the prosecutions will end in a conviction.

Nelson Mandela

Our Mission

To eradicate the opportunities for child sex offenders to commit crimes against children by 2025. 

Our Movement

We aim to build a ‘streak’ (collective group) of tigers to break the silence and build a fortress of protection around their children

How we can help

Individual course

  • 30 minutes to complete
  • Quiz at each step to help reinforce your learning
  • How to coach your children - appropriately according to age
  • 4 steps to become a S.T.A.R.
  • Certificate at the end of the course to remind you what to look out for

Volunteer organisations

  • Are you a member of a volunteer organisation?
  • There is a legal requirement to protect children when under your supervision
  • Is everyone trained around appropriate behaviour?
  • Are processes in place to identify and report inappropriate behaviour?
  • Are children aware of their ability to report behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable?
  • We provide full training and resources.

What they say

Trish Love
Trish Love
Chief Executive
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I've known these lovely people for over 7 years now - as their accountant and later friend. As a mother of 4 children this course was an eye-opener. A simple 'must-do' training for all parents and supervising adults.
Nats H
Nats H
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The course content and quizzes are really well done! I found it easy to remember the 4 steps - and how to communicate with children about their 'swimsuit' areas. So important to bring this conversation out into the light.
Elizabeth K
Elizabeth K
Speech Therapist
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The statistics in this course are disturbing and should motivate us all to take action
Tania B
Tania B
Body Therapist
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I completed the course and found it educational and time well spent. This is a fantastic program that creates awareness on how to protect our tamariki

If we do nothing in the next 20 years:

1 +

babies will be born

1 +

females under 18 indecently assaulted or sexually violated before they turn 18

1 +

males 18 indecently assaulted or sexually violated before they turn 18

1 +

children will lose their innocence and potentially open up huge pathways of self-destruction

Please note that the statistical and legal information on this site pertains to New Zealand.  
However the primary reason for completing this course is to give you the tools
to protect your children from sexual offenders